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BAL813376  Bausch & Lomb Rectangular MagnifierBAL813376 Bausch & Lomb Rectangular Magnifier 813376 
Rectangular Magnifier, 2"x4", Black Handle - Rectangular magnifier has viewing area of a 4" round magnifier ...

BAL819007  Bausch & Lomb Magna Page MagnifierBAL819007 Bausch & Lomb Magna Page Magnifier 819007 
Magna Page Magnifier, 8-1/4"x10-3/4", Clear Acrylic - Magna Page Magnifier sheet provides instant magnification of an ...

BAL819008  Bausch & Lomb Compact Lighted MagnifierBAL819008 Bausch & Lomb Compact Lighted Magnifier 819008 
Compact Lighted Magnifier, 2x Square Lens,2"x2", Black Frame - This magnifier has a convenient, compact size. ...

BAL819013  Bausch & Lomb Folding Lighted MagnifierBAL819013 Bausch & Lomb Folding Lighted Magnifier 819013 
Folding Lighted Magnifier, 2"x4", Black Handle - This magnifier features a folding handle that swings in ...

BAL8574GM  Bausch & Lomb Premoistened Lens Cleaning TissuesBAL8574GM Bausch & Lomb Premoistened Lens Cleaning Tissues 8574GM 
Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues, 100/BX - Premoistened cleaning tissues are designed to clean a lens. Individually ...


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